Simon Masloch

GB 3/152

Simon Masloch obtained his master’s degree in Linguistics (with a focus on Computational Linguistics) from Ruhr-Universität Bochum in 2020. Currently, he is a PhD student and research associate.


My PhD project deals with the syntax and semantics of emotion verbs with a special focus on factors influencing the linear order of their arguments and phenomena that relate to these linearisation preferences. In general, I am interested in syntax, semantics, and their interaction.

Psych verbs
Word Order/Scrambling

This semester

SoSe 2024

  • Advanced Course: An introduction to syntax (Tu, 12:00–14:00 PM, GB 3/158)


Past semesters

WiSe 2023/24

  • Advanced Course: Word order flexibility: Scrambling in the clausal domain (Th, 12:00–14:00, GB 3/158)


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Masloch, S., Poppek, J. M. & Kiss, T. (2024). Not so peculiar after all: On the normal position of arguments of German experiencer-object verbs, Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 9(1). DOI:

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Masloch, S., Poppek, J. M., Robrecht, A., & Kiss, T. (2021). Syntactic Pattern Distribution Analysis of
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Kiss, Tibor, Simon Masloch & Alicia Katharina Börner. (Unpublished). Word order constraints on event-internal modifiers. LingBuzz