First and foremost

Please note that application is only possible for the winter term and only through the official application and enrolment procedures. Therefore, any mail with documents or specific questions about applications will go unnoticed, as they will only be assessed in the course of above mentioned procedures.

You will find all information incl. deadlines on the sites of the registrars office.

Components of your application

Your application should consist of the following documents. Please save each as a pdf with your name and the content in the file's name:

  • two pages describing your academic career in relation to Linguistic Data Science
  • degree certificate (German or English)
  • Transcript of Records showing that you fulfill the CP-requirements
  • a document proving your proficiency in English
  • the confirmation page you saw after concluding the self-assessment-test.

Details on the requirements

  • CP-requirements: Usually 60 CP in Linguistics and 15 CP in Mathematics/Statistics or Computer Science.
  • If you do not fulfil these requirements, in exceptional cases the admission commmittee determines additional courses you have to attend. In this case, you will be informed about the success of your application under individual restraints.
  • You can prove your English language skills for example with your Abitur-Zeugnis, the Diploma Supplement of the English-language Bachelor's you took, a TOEFL-test result (internet based from 87 points/ computer based from 227 points, we do not accept "MyBest Scores"), or an IELTS (levels 9 – 6).
  • Note that you don't have to prove your knowledge of German (if this is requested in your application process, just upload the English certificate and/or a file with a note about this)
  • The two-page-description should be one of your academic career so far in relation to Linguistic Data Science. Important: This cannot simply be a CV. Write a text that is about 2 pages long, explaining how your academic career up to date results in your interest in Linguistic Data Science. Your text should detail why and how you are interested in Linguistics in connection with Data Science, especially if your degree shows only one of these topics.
  • You do not have to show us your results from the self-assessment in detail (they are for your reflection only), we just need the confirmation code.

If you have questions about any of these requirements, please contact the academic advisory office.

Application process

In general, your application follows these steps:

  1. You apply within the deadlines as an international student online (as an international student) or as a German student by sending an email to
  2. Your application is checked for completeness (if something is missing you might receive a reminder).
  3. A complete application is decided on by the board. If you fulfill the requirements stated above, you will be admitted.
  4. You receive confirmation of your admission by email. With this, you also
  5. receive an invitation for the mandatory counseling session.
  6. After you had the mandatory counseling session, the academic advisory office sends you confirmation on participation (if you applied via the online portal, it will also be uploaded here).
  7. Now you fulfill all requirements for online enrollment.
  8. After enrollment, you can register for the internal Moodle course for Linguistic Data Science. Here you can meet your fellow students and find more information.
  9. At the beginning of your next term, you start with your courses (generally the second or third week of October).