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German Federal Health Minister acknowledges relevance of prepositions

In a recent press statement, German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has stressed the role of prepositions: "Nicht ab Juni, im Juni, nicht ab 1. Juni, im Verlauf des Junis - Präpositionen sind wichtig!" [Not from June on, in June, not as of June 1st, sometime in June - Prepositions are important!]

Given this emphasis on prepositions we are looking forward to more interest in one of our core areas of research - we recommend Kiss et al 2020 as a first introduction.


Review of Winterschool: Learn about Linguistic Data Science

During the winter term, LDSL has offered courses and workshops in our Winter School Learn about Linguistic Data Science. Three online courses were taught during the semester; two online workshops followed at the beginning of the term holidays.

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DFG approves funding for a second period of Exprep (KI-759/8)

We are happy to announce that the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has decided to extend the funding for our research project “Position and Interpretation of adverbials in German clause structure” (Exprep, KI-759/8).
The second phase will broaden the scope of the investigation by including more adverbial forms as well as adverbial types, and by systematically probing the results of the first project phase, and in particular investigate the hitherto neglected interplay of adverbial-specific with general conditions on word order.
For more information see Exprep, KI-759/8.


Research is the beating heart of LDSL where new possibilities can develop through the connection of subjects and their perspectives.

To get an impression, take a look at past and present projects, resources published by the Lab and its members and, of course, publications.



To connect subjects and contents you also have to connect people. We regularly take part in events and also bring colleagues together at RUB.

When LDSL invites, this is where you can find information on current events. Of course you can also look up older events (some related to research projects).



Connecting knowledge and experience would not work without connecting people and perspectives. We are always interested in connections with other scientists and researchers who have ideas or want to be a part of ours.

Also we are of course available for questions from students - usually, the right person to contact is the one teaching a class you’re in or interested in. If you are looking for more general information, you can contact us.

For Students

We offer lectures at RUB for interested students who want to connect a background of linguistics and for example computational linguistics or data science. These often focus on topics in linguistic data science, computational linguistics or experimental linguistics. Additionally, we often take a look at current developments in special fields of interest.

A list can be found here: Teaching